Healing Gardens

Hey everybody! Thank you for tuning in to our second blog. Today I will talk about about healing gardens and the effects these landscapes have on our mental, physical and overall health. Healing gardens are an art of design and also relatively easy to implement into your landscape.  

Healing Gardens have a long rich history extending from the Japanese Zen gardens to today’s assisted living healing gardens. Healing Gardens are defined as spaces created for a specific population with the goal to promote positive health outcomes. Due to their medicinal properties healing gardens have become a central part of various healthcare centers and assisted living centers. Research has shown a relationship between positive health outcomes and contact with nature. As well as a role in disease prevention and health promotion. With all the stress that our day to day brings healing gardens serve as an alternative therapy. Nature therapy promotes healing in a holistic method.

    Essential plants to a healing garden are aloe, calendula, sage, and lavender. Below I will show you pictures of these plants. This plant’s have distinguishable fragrance as well as beautiful color and great aesthetics.


I hope you all enjoyed learning a bit about healing gardens. Have a great week and weekend!

Best wishes,

-Jessie Salazar