The Effect of the Landscape On Me

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay on the blog. Today i will share my personal experience and why I thrive to design the best spaces for people. I would like to introduce a bit about myself to you all. As landscape designers whether we know it or not we create certain biases towards different landscapes, which we have an emotional connection to, and those of which we don’t. Many times we design off of inspiration and love towards a landscape or any space in general. My personal childhood affects the way I design and the way I create spaces for other people.

For me my personal childhood bliss would be my backyard, throughout my childhood years. Its landscape spoke to me in many ways in which I had not realized until now. It is a place where I got to connect with vegetation, with my siblings and with the spiritual world. Summer vacation afternoons were the best in my backyard. As a young kid I would help my father with his landscape maintenance route, he would pay me a dollar for every house we would maintain a day. As a 6-year-old kid, I couldn’t be happier. I had money to spend buying ice cream or whatever I wished. Throughout the day I saw many landscapes; landscapes that were more natural and also very artificial landscapes with trimmed hedges and cut grass. Throughout the day I would want to get creative, however that was not possible. Going through the day with little use of creativity from my part I would get home and experiment on my backyard. As a kid I loved cactus, so I started propagating cactus. Propagating cactus sounds a lot harder than what it actually is, you simply cut off a stem, dig a hole and burry the stem and in a few weeks you would have a cactus growing.

I hope you all have a had a great week and have a good weekend. Until next time.

-Jessie Salazar